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 Depression Treatment
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Are You in a Challenging Life Situation
and Need Some Help?

•  Have you been experiencing depression and not sure how to shift out of it?
• Are you worried about your relationship and seeking couples therapy?
• Are you grieving  the loss of a loved one through divorce, death or a breakup?
• Are you needing support in navigating a major life transition?
• Are you part of a group and your members need help in resolving a conflict or finding more meaningful ways to truly connect with each other and with your purpose for being together?


What I Do:  Depression Treatment, Couples Counseling and More

My name is Dan Kendrick and I live in Longmont, Colorado. For over 30 years, I have counseled and spoken to hundreds of individuals about how they can flourish in their lives. As a psychotherapist, I specialize in Depression Treatment, Couples Counseling, Grief Counseling and Relationship Counseling.  I also work with individuals in group settings to assist them in finding more effective ways to connect with each other and to know their purpose in life.

A Possible Context For What Is Happening With You

Quite often, when the storms of life are overhead, you may ask, “Why is this happening to me? Is there any purpose in what I am going through right now?” I think that those are good questions, worthy of your consideration. When you find yourself in the throes of life’s challenges, it is not unusual to think that you are being punished somehow. And you may judge yourself for feeling the way you do. You may think that what is going on is somehow very “wrong.”

But have you considered the possibility that you could use what is happening for you at this time for your advancement? That this challenge could be an opportunity, even a blessing, in disguise? Sometimes you need a new way of looking at what is happening in your life from the point of view of someone who has been in similar situations and came out the other side. And that is where I could perhaps be of service to you. I specialize in working with people to help them maximize the opportunities that are present for them now, regardless of their situation, circumstances or environment.

How I Work With You

Perhaps you have been told or read on other web-sites that you were born with an amazing treasure of wisdom inside of you, just waiting to be tapped or something to that effect. That’s a beautiful concept. But I am guessing that you would like to go beyond the concept and KNOW yourself as that treasure within.  Knowing allows you to access all of the resources both “inside” and “outside” you so that you can use them all in a very practical, concrete way to assist you in your present life situation. Just know that my approach to counseling is results oriented, using therapeutic modalities that get the job done. Whether they are from “within” or “without,” we find the ones that work for you and use the ones that are producing the results that you want.


“Dan is a very compassionate and skilled therapist.  I never once left his office without feeling uplifted and more aware of what was getting in the way of more joy in my life.”

My Services Include:

Psychotherapy for adults who are wanting treatment for depression or anxiety, relationship issues including marriage counseling, loss of a loved one, divorce, coping with change and life transitions, low self-esteem and other challenges.

Dan is so compassionate.  With him, I’m safe.  When I’m in session with him, I am able to bring forth in my own timing, awarenesses and insights that lead me to a true understanding of how to work my life and resolve the conflicts I’m experiencing.

Group Work for individuals who are working in the context of a group seeking to resolve conflicts or to find more meaningful ways to truly connect with each other and with their purpose for being together.

The storehouse of words is just plain empty when it comes to selecting ones that would convey my appreciation.  You have guided our entire group through the intricacies of self discovery, and all of us are more deeply rooted and personally aligned than we’ve probably ever been.”

Free Phone Consultation

I know it can sometimes be challenging to reach out when you are suffering. Whether you are considering depression treatment, couples therapy, relationship counseling or something else, I want to make it easier for you to reach out.  I would like to offer you a free, half-hour phone consultation so that we can get acquainted and you can ask me questions to get an idea about how my approach might work for you.  To set up your phone consultation, simply send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will contact you. Or you can call me at (303) 485-9086.