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Are You in a Challenging Life Situation and Need Some Help?

Depression Treatment    Couples Counseling    Relationship Issues    Self-Esteem Counseling    Grief Counseling


Have you been experiencing depression and want to shift out of it?

Do you have bouts of anxiety that seem to be uncontrollable?

Are you concerned about your relationship and seeking couples counseling?

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? 

Do you want to have more self-confidence?

Are you needing support in navigating a major life transition?

Depression Treatment

Have you lost a sense of a bright future? Does there seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Couples Counseling

Are you wanting a better relationship with each other and just not sure how to get there?

Divorce Counseling

Let’s face it.  Most divorces really hurt, even if you are the one who sought it in the first place.

Relationship Counseling

Do you despair of ever finding the right person? Do you avoid commitment for fear of losing your independence?

Self Esteem Counseling

Do you have a hard time accepting yourself? Do you get worried or concerned about what others may think of you?

Grief Counseling

Have you suffered the loss of a loved one through death, divorce or separation? Are you having a difficult time recovering?

Free Phone Consultation

I know it can sometimes be challenging to reach out when you are suffering. Whether you are considering depression treatment, couples therapy, relationship counseling or something else, I want to make it easier for you to reach out.  I would like to offer you a free, half-hour phone consultation so that we can get acquainted and you can ask me questions to get an idea about how my approach might work for you.  To set up your phone consultation, simply send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will contact you. Or you can call me at (303) 485-9086.

Covid 19 Update

Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, I am now offering tele-therapy through video and phone for all who are quarantined. I am seeing new clients and have openings for anyone who needs help during this time. Thank you, I look forward to your call.

“Dan is a very compassionate and skilled therapist.  I never once left his office without feeling uplifted and more aware of what was getting in the way of more joy in my life.”

“Dan is so compassionate. With him, I’m safe. When I’m in session with him, I am able to bring forth in my own timing, awarenesses and insights that lead me to a true understanding of how to work my life and resolve the conflicts I’m experiencing.”

“The storehouse of words is just plain empty when it comes to selecting ones that would convey my appreciation. You have guided our entire group through the intricacies of self discovery, and all of us are more deeply rooted and personally aligned than we’ve probably ever been.”