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Are you wanting to…

Participate in a support group that would augment your individual therapy sessions?
Spend quality time with people who share a similar focus?
Have a positive experience of learning and growth with a group of people who support you?
Use the inspiration and insights experienced in the support group to enliven your daily routine?

Support groups can be a very effective and enjoyable way to heal, learn and grow.  There is nothing quite so powerful as a group of people coming together with the intention of loving and supporting each other as each participant moves in their own unique way towards fulfilling their highest potential.   Experiencing camaraderie and support from like-minded people for you to be yourself in a safe space can be a very effective way to enrich your life and reach your goals, while having some fun along the way.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a support group, please contact me at (303) 485-9086 or click the box at the bottom of this page and send me an email.


“The storehouse of words is just plain empty when it comes to selecting ones that would convey my appreciation. You have guided our entire group through the intricacies of self discovery, and all of us are more deeply rooted and personally aligned than we’ve probably ever been.”




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