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How Can Divorce Counseling Help Me?

Divorce, even under the best of circumstances, can be very challenging.  I know. I have been through one myself and remember how my self-confidence and self-esteem took serious hits.  Perhaps you are suffering through a divorce at this time or are attempting to recover from one that happened in the past.  You may wonder if it is possible to find happiness again. Maybe you have thought about seeking divorce counseling, but doubt it’s effectiveness.

According to research, divorce can be right up there with death in terms of the degree of loss one experiences.  At least half of the marriages in this country end in divorce. It is important to know that you are not alone in your struggles with divorce.  If you are reeling from the loss of a loved one through divorce and are looking for support, then my approach to divorce counseling could help you in your hour of need.  I have had years of experience in helping people recover from divorce.


Let’s face it.  Most divorces really hurt, even if you are the one who sought it in the first place.  And it can be challenging to deal with the hurt you are experiencing. The hurt sometimes shows up as anger on the surface.  It can also show up as a sadness that may in turn lead to depression.  The wounding you feel can run deep.  In my approach to divorce counseling, I offer you methods and proven techniques that you can use to help you heal from any wounds of separation you may be experiencing.


Divorce is one of those times in your life when you need all of the loving support that you can find for yourself.  Many divorcees find themselves alone and feeling lonely. Through divorce counseling, I can be a supportive companion who stands by you as you move through the healing process associated with your divorce.  You don’t have to go through this alone. In fact, with a good divorce counselor like myself, you can actually use this time as a way to learn, grow, and expand and move into greater fulfillment, possibly more than you have ever experienced before.

The only one you will ALWAYS be in relationship with is yourself.  So it is a very wise approach to make the relationship with yourself the best it can be.  Are you your own BEST FRIEND? Is the marriage to yourself a good one? If not, then divorce counseling can show you how to be your own best friend.  Coming to that place where you KNOW you will always be there for yourself regardless of who is coming or who is going in your life is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself.  Knowing that the loving and support you need will always be there for you come what may is to have wealth beyond measure. I will work with you so that you can develop this treasure of self-support through our divorce counseling process.


Is it be possible for anyone to fully recover from divorce?

Based upon my experience, I would say yes, it is definitely possible to fully recover from divorce.  Though I can’t guarantee it, if you take full advantage of what is available to you at this time for your healing and recovery, I see no reason why you could not recover.  In fact, your best years may be yet to come. So much of it depends upon you and what you are willing to do to not only get through this, but to thrive.

Divorce quite often offers a unique opportunity for you to learn and grow.  We all need those times in our life when we re-evaluate what has happened, make adjustments, and bring forward what we have learned from the past so that we move ahead with confidence into our future.  Divorce can be an ideal time to do just that. Since I have been through a divorce and came out stronger than ever on the other end, I can assist you in your own way, to do the same thing.

But I am hurting right now.  Recovery seems light-years away.  What do I do with this hurt?

That’s an important question.  As I mentioned earlier, divorce can really hurt.  And there can be no genuine recovery unless those hurts are somehow healed.

Much of the cause of pain and suffering in divorce is caused by separation.  You now find yourself separated from the one you love or, at least, loved at one time.  Knowing that they will no longer be in your life the way they were can bring up a lot of  things. Maybe you are blaming and judging yourself for the break-up. “If only I had done different, maybe this would not have happened,” you may say.  Or maybe you are feeling guilty for feeling no guilt. You can find yourself in some unusual places with divorce!

Whatever the specific cause for your pain, the important thing is that you move into a process that will begin to heal that hurt.  That is where I can assist you. I can show you ways to heal the hurt.

What therapeutic modalities do you use?

Since one size does not fit all, the modalities that I use varies from client to client.  I will work with you to help you find the ones that work for you. Some of the approaches I might use are Existential Psychotherapy, Two-Chair, Client-Centered Therapy, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Healing of Memories, Inner Child/Inner Family, Psychosynthesis, Heart-Centered Listening and others.

My Offer to You:  A Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

You may still be wondering if you really need divorce counseling.  So I want to make taking this first step as easy as I can for you by offering you a free, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation.  Why am I giving you a free 30 minute phone consultation? I would like for you to have a chance to get to know me, beyond what you see on my web-site.  Visiting with each other on the phone can give us a chance to get to know each other better. And by the end of our consultation, you will have an even better idea of how my approach to divorce counseling could benefit you.  You can call me at (303) 485-9086.

Why Am I Giving You a 30 Minute Phone Consultation For Free?

I would like for you to have a chance to get to know me, beyond what you see on my web-site. Visiting with each other by phone will give us a chance to get to know each other better. And by the end of our consultation, you will have an even better idea of how my approach might work for you.

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