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Are You Looking For A Depression Treatment Plan That Will Work For You?

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The feelings are probably familiar by now. There is a sadness in your heart that dims your vision of a brighter future. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Few, if any, people understand or even know what is really going on inside of you. You feel isolated and alone. You would love to unburden yourself of this load, but how? Perhaps you have considered some form of a depression treatment plan, but you may seriously wonder if there is anyone out there who’s approach would work for you.

You Are Not Alone

Millions of people in this country suffer from depression. It is important to know that you are not alone and that help is available.  The good news is that with the help of a compassionate, experienced counselor who has an effective depression treatment plan, you can lift out of that depression and get back to being yourself again.

The Challenge With Depression and Something to Consider

I know that it can be very difficult to even admit that you are experiencing depression, much less share it with another person. Sharing with someone else that you feel depressed may be one of the hardest things you ever do. You may feel shame or guilt or be judging yourself for feeling the way you do. But you might consider the possibility that you can’t be free FROM depression until you are free TOWARDS it. So it is so important to move into an attitude of acceptance of what is happening for you right now. And instead of thinking there is something terribly wrong with you, consider that there may be something very right that is awaiting your discovery about what you are going through at this time.

I will work with you using the skills and experience I have to help you find the keys that unlock this thing called depression. I have had a tremendous amount of experience in assisting people from many walks of life to actually use depression as a stepping stone into a life of greater fulfillment. Don’t underestimate the power of having an experienced, skilled counselor like myself on your side, guiding and supporting you.

A Little More Information About My Depression Treatment Sessions

I offer individual therapy depression treatment sessions at my office in Longmont, Colorado.  Honesty, unconditional love and acceptance are the foundations from which I do my work with you. You may find that I model for you a new way of being with yourself. Our sessions become a laboratory where you can try on for size different ways of working with yourself to see what works or doesn’t work. I encourage you to be free and experiment. Over time, you can build a reference point for success that you can take into your everyday life and use.

I have received training in the therapeutic modalities of Gestalt, Cognitive Behavior, Focusing, Person Centered Listening, Psychosynthesis, Integration Therapy, Somatic Awareness, Child Within Re-Integration, Healing of the Memories, Rephrasing Negative Self-Talk, Practicing the Divine Presence, and others. What works for someone else, may not work for you. We will work together to find the modalities that produce the results you seek. If you are a person of faith, I may suggest that you invite God to be your partner to guide you every step of the way of this your healing process.

In our first session, I will ask you to share about yourself, some of your history and what is happening for you at this time in your life. You will have a chance to ask me any questions that you may have about my approach to depression treatment so that you can have a good sense of how my counseling style might work for you. And if you decide to continue with future sessions, then I can lay out some options for you to consider so that we can agree on a plan as we move forward.

One of the major challenges to overcoming depression is the reluctance to admit that you have it in the first place. Many times our reticence is the natural response we have because we feel the need to protect ourselves and others from what is going on inside of us. You may have the belief (and you are by no means alone in this belief) that to embrace your depression would be giving into it and who in their right mind would want to give in to depression!

But if you want to get to the root cause of your depression, then at some point you may want to actually bring it in close to you, even treat it as a friend. Because, believe it or not, that depression actually may have some very valuable information that you can use to become more whole. So, in a sense, you actually have to befriend your depression; even love it and ask it to tell you what it wants you to know. I have guided many people who were working with depression through this process and they have always been amazed at the value of the information they received to assist them in becoming more whole.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Depression Treatment

I’m intrigued by what you say, but some of my friends and family members have a dim view of psychotherapy. Even though I think that I could benefit, I’m concerned about saving face. How can I overcome that?

Short answer: Simply follow your heart.

The fact is, no one else needs to know that you are going to a counselor. This is a confidential process. You may want to tell your spouse, or a close family member or friend, but it is not necessary. Remember that you are doing this for yourself. And when your loved ones start seeing the changes in your life, they will also benefit from your experience.

But it cost money. How can I know it is worth it?

Short answer: The proof is in the pudding.

Either you will come and get the value you were looking for or you won’t. If you are getting the value you seek, then you will know the value every step of the way and your experience will validate the worth of what you receive. If you are not getting value, then your experience will tell you that, in which case you can simply stop and pay no more.

How can I know that your approach to depression treatment will work for me?

Though I have told you only a little bit about myself, I have tried to give you enough information in my web-site so that you will at least have an idea of who I am and how I work. You may have an intuitive sense that my approach could work for you. But for you to know for sure, you will need to come in and give it a try. Once you have the first hand experience with me, then you should know if your intuition was correct or not.


“Dan is a very compassionate and skilled therapist.  I never once left his office without feeling uplifted and more aware of what was getting in the way of more joy in my life.”

“Dan is so compassionate. With him, I’m safe. He doesn’t push. He has infinite time and patience and time stands still when I’m in session with him. In that… I am able to bring forth in my own timing, awarenesses and insights that lead me to a true understanding of how to work my life and resolve the conflicts I’m experiencing. My heart spontaneously fills with gratitude – even for my struggles.”

My FREE Offer to You

I understand that you still may be undecided about seeing me. I know that it can be challenging to reach out, especially if you are suffering from the effects of depression. So I would like to offer you a free 30 minute phone consultation. We can talk. You can ask me questions or share some of your concerns, all of which will give you a better idea of how my approach might work for you. And there will be no financial risk or obligation on your part. Simply e-mail or call me at (303) 485-9086 to set up a time. Whether we meet together or not, thank you for visiting me on my web-site and may God’s richest blessings be with you, now and always.

Why Am I Giving You a 30 Minute Phone Consultation For Free?

I would like for you to have a chance to get to know me, beyond what you see on my web-site. Visiting with each other by phone will give us a chance to get to know each other better. And by the end of our consultation, you will have an even better idea of how my approach might work for you.