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Confident public speakerThe purpose of self-esteem counseling is for you to learn how to bring more loving to all aspects of yourself. For instance, one sure way to mature emotionally is to be kind to yourself. Another way would be to practice unconditional acceptance for all parts of yourself. Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? But in reality, it may not be so easy.

Unconditional self-acceptance can be challenging because you may view parts of yourself as unloveable. And many of us have been trained to be hard on ourselves, using self-punishment and self-judgement as a way to try and prod ourselves into better behaviors. Or maybe you had parents who had poor self-esteem and you came out of childhood with low regard for yourself.

Maybe you learned that the love you seek is “out there” somewhere, having looked inside of yourself and thinking, “It couldn’t be inside here!” Have you ever thought that if you could just find the right person to be with, or the right job or town or circumstances, that the problems you face would be solved. But as hard as it may be to believe, the love that you seek is actually already inside of you. However, if it remains outside of your awareness, it does you no good. Self-esteem counseling can help you become more aware of and put to good use the loving that is already inside of you.

Healing occurs when you apply loving to those places in you that are hurting. But are you applying the loving to those places? Quite often, we are not. And that is why the pain and suffering persist. Perhaps you have experienced traumatic events from the past and the consequences of those events are still causing you undue pain and suffering. Self-esteem counseling can help you release the blocks you have created to unconditional self-acceptance and apply the loving to the places in you that may be hurting. In this way you can heal the memories of the past so that they no longer impinge on your ability to enjoy the present moment.

It can be tempting to look at what is going on in your world today, and to blame present day circumstances for creating the disturbances you are experiencing in your everyday life. But there is no person or outward circumstance that is the cause of your suffering. Suffering originates from within. Self-esteem counseling can help you move into greater ways of self-support thus transforming the way you see yourself and your present day world so that you actually become a whole, new you.

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