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Impressionist artwork of shades of purple“God, could you just show me what’s real?”  Desperate at the age eighteen, I uttered that heartfelt prayer.  My awareness of “what’s real” has been growing ever since.

My growth has included a lot of ups, downs, and everything in between.  I have experienced the depths of hopeless despair, the paralysis of procrastination, the doldrums of boredom, and the bliss of the Light.  As I have grown through  these experiences, over time I have noticed a very loving Presence inside of me that seems to be keenly aware of what I am going through at any given moment, yet sees it all in a very positive light.  I have come to realize that this Presence loves me unconditionally, regardless of anything I am doing or not doing, of anything that I say or don’t say, or of anything I might think or feel.  The exquisite peace and joy I experience in this Presence is undisturbed by anything that is happening in this world.

I  have found that God has been answering my “can-you-show-me-what’s-real prayer by gradually revealing to me what has been there all along.  This loving Presence inside of me is actually the real me.  And it never ceases to amaze me that the more I am aware of myself as this Presence, the better my life works.

It is from this Source of Infinite Loving that I work.  This Presence, which is also in you, knows and loves you intimately and, with your permission, can lead you all the way through your process of unfoldment to where in your heart you want to be.