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Public Speaking and Workshops

Over the years, I have been invited and have spoken to and worked with a variety of organizations all over the country on the valuable and timely topics pertaining to personal and spiritual growth. Participating with a group of like-minded people who come together to focus on the aspects of personal and/or spiritual growth creates a powerful learning environment that can be transformational in it’s effect.

If you would like to get more information about my public talks or group facilitation skills or if you would like to schedule me to speak to or work with your group or organization, just e-mail me or call me at (303) 485-9086 with your request.


“And Dan, in only the way that he can do it, covered that meeting place with the gracious humility and love of a God that resides most powerfully within him…releasing the Spirit to move on hearts…to remember…to give thanks!”

“Dan captivated his audience as he shared…. He made me feel as if he were speaking only to me, and the rest of the people felt the same way. He made eye contact across the entire church. What a loss it would have been for us all had he not made the long trip to speak.”

“The storehouse of words is just plain empty when it comes to selecting ones that would convey my appreciation. You have guided our entire group through the intricacies of self discovery and divine revelation, and all of us are more deeply rooted and personally aligned than we’ve probably ever been.”

“In almost 20 years of ministry, my wife and I have shared in many different workshops, but we found this one by far the best. One seminar combined the best of all the labs we had perviously attended. I was keenly aware of the many ways you supported active participation in the local churches represented…not always true of groups purporting to develop spiritual life.”


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